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A Legend from the generations of Iceclan.

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A Legend from the generations of Iceclan.

Post  Honeycub on Thu Sep 23, 2010 5:39 pm

OCC: This takes place in Iceclan camp because only a bit of it is in Dream territory.

Honeycub was in her nest in the nursery of Iceclan camp. Her eyelids felt heavy. She saw one last look at her surroundings before drifting off to sleep...

Honeycub found herself in a field of mist. Suddenly starry shapes began coming out of the mist. She recodnised one as her mother but could not distinguish the Flareon beside her.
" Freezefire!" she cried running towards the glaceon with joy.
" Hello young one." said Freezefire nuzzling her daughter, " This is your father Firefur. He was from Flareclan but we fell in love. I have two cubs you might remember." she said as two eevees emerged from the mist.
" Sweetcub, Silvercub! My siblings!" Honeycub cried out.
" Yep!" said Silvercub licking his chest fur proudly.
" We have a story to tell you Honeycub," said Firefur " It was a legend passed down by Iceclan generations. You are the next in the line of foxes that knew it. It goes something like this...

OCC: You decide what the legend is. Be sure to note when the legend is over and please let others decide on parts of the legend so everyone gets a turn.

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